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Our Rotary Club of Summit County celebrated the holidays beginning with special awards to deserving Summit County folks who have made a significant difference to our community. (Cover photo)

The DKP celebrated the 2013 LJU vinsko pot for sv Martin's Day.  Martine and Bojan prepare prazen krompir along the Ljubljanica river.

The USMC Ball provided a wonderful patriotic and diplomatic event for the US Embassy and Slovenian friends at the Union Hotel.  Top military from the US and Slovenia were present to help celebrate the USMC's 238th Birthday in this formal affair.  GENERAL Franc Gorenc, Commander USAF Europe with Ann and Dave. GEN Gorenc visited his childhood home south of LJU by helicopter before being the Guest of Honor at the Ball.

Rotary Clubs in LJU hosted a special sv Martinoc Vecer at the Hotel Lev to raise money for under privilaged children.  The formal affair had local musicians from Dolenska and wines from Metlika.

Our many Slovenian friends have been so hospitable to us, we returned the favor at our new place on Mirje.  Drago and Marta Gaspari came for dinner with his mother Menci to enjoy some American cooking on the BBQ.

Our Colorado Friends Dick and Mary stopped by SLO while visiting Europe, then Tim and Lori arrived for a quick look at Tim's roots.  We had a great time with the Prazem Krompir society (DPK) Drustvo za Prazen Krompir. 

Vojko had a wonderful party in Krsko.

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Rotary serves the Summit in many ways.  This section provides a few photos of our activities for fund raising and recreation.  more details are provided in the Rotary home page.


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Dave's cousin Greg an Angelica flew up from Brasil for a family reunion at Los Lagos Ranch, and a very special dinner at Bill and Kay Lorenz's Black Forest Restaurant in Nederland, Colo.  We first stopped at Damaris and Steve's home, then went to the Black Forest Restaurant.  It was quite an evening of memories with the Hoyl and Sayre families.

We enjoyed our summer in the Rockies with many friends.  Ann's best friend from St Mary's Academy, Donna and her husband Jim visited us and we enjoyed a sunny evening on the deck talking about our previous fall's tour of Slovenia, Austria and Bavaria. 

Dave participated in the 50th anniversary celebration of his almamada at CSU.  He met many fellow students and graduates from the Department of Atmospheric Sciences in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Ann's two special needs students completed 9 years of primary school and graduated with their class in June 2012.  This was a special achievement which started with Ambassador Johney Young's initial interest and support of the program in 2003.  Ambassador Joseph Musomelli completed the process by visiting Trnovo Scola and congratulating the students and Staff in June 2012.  This was an excellent ending to the Inclusion Project that Ann and her good friend and colleague Dr. Marija Kavlar conducted over the past 10 years working with educators from across Slovenia to develop and initiate inclusion of special needs children in regular classrooms.

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